…Not Until I Know Why

I am an educator at heart, Assistant Professor of Nursing. I have not spoken on the virus, because I wanted to save my words to speak life and give you hope. However, if I do not speak out, then I am not being responsible with what the Lord has gifted me with for the journey. In short, I would not be true to my journey. I posted this on my Facebook page and wanted to get this out to the masses. My desire is to educate, arouse healthy perspectives and advocate for the community, especially those who cannot for themselves. And sometimes those people are not just the elderly and children, but people who are uninformed and unaware are also included in the vulnerable population.

Many times, this lack of enlightenment has to do with lack of understanding. So, please review the following video to expand your knowledge, increase your understanding as to become committed to Romans 12:10, “10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.” Love and honor people by keeping them safe by keeping your distance and keeping your hands clean as much as possible. If possible, please stay home, wash your hands, call the elderly, family, and friends, tell people you love them, educate in love, pray without ceasing, and share the gospel as much as possible.

You won’t understand why, until you understand why. This is why:

This is the unpleasant part of our journey, nevertheless…

The journey keeps flowing…

Peace & love to you all!!

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