The Lord’s Vision…

This past weekend was phenomenal!! At Kingdom Life Church, there was a Women’s Weekend of Worship (WWW) 2-day Conference. Ladies from various generations, ethnicities, spiritual levels, denominations came together with one voice and one sound to honor the Lord. The worship experience was through praise & worship, workshops on truth, how to evangelize, a panelContinue reading “The Lord’s Vision…”

Being a Good ‘Thang’

“… And God saw that it was good.” Over-and-over-again during the six-day creation, God repeated this statement after specific segments. Finally, after speaking everything into existence (…and it was so), He made a final analysis of His creation; it was not just good, but indeed, it was VERY good. “31 Then God saw everything thatContinue reading “Being a Good ‘Thang’”

Your Slip is Showing

I grew up in a very small humble community in Mississippi in the latter sixties through the mid-eighties. During those days of my youth, we had a ‘clothes line’ or in some areas it was called a ‘washing line’.  Even though we had a washing machine and eventually an electric dryer, my mom insisted that we continue to hang our clothes on the clothes line to allowContinue reading “Your Slip is Showing”

What Really Happened That Day?

The current state of affairs may resemble mayhem to almost borderline anarchy. When the condition of society is without government and law, there is political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control. What can follow is anarchy. Even if there is not a full-blown anarchy, lack of respect and refusal to followContinue reading “What Really Happened That Day?”