Serving with Gladness

If anyone has ever received an email or letter from me, you may have seen my valediction “serving with gladness”. This is not just some catchy phrase that I use to evoke a response for any kind of exaltation. Serving with gladness is my aim. Do I miss the mark at times? …certainly. However, missing the mark does not negate my standard for service. The Lord’s charge is my deepest desire, and this is to serve according to the proportion of faith that God has given me, Romans 12:6c.

In whatever capacity that you serve, serve in it above the waist…deep. Become an ‘all in’ server. Even if it costs you. At times it will be a sacrifice. What I have found to be the biggest and toughest sacrifice when serving, is self. Removing self when serving can be a challenge when having a bad day. I have encountered some not so ‘pleasant’ experiences when dealing with customer service workers. Their frustrated and rude behavior could dampen a person’s day, if allowed. Have you encountered this lately? I declare, it seems as though there is an increase in lack of skills and manners in customer service workers. There is such a limited amount of face-to-face time generationally, since social media is the dominant form of communication. Of course, there is no easy fix. Where we can start is one encounter at a time. Model the behavior that you want to receive or better yet, model the behavior that you would show if Christ is standing right next to you. It’s not demeaning to say sir and ma’am to older adults. That generation equates it to respect. It does not cost you anything to say it. Let your light so shine, so that men will see your good works/deeds and glorify your/our Father in heaven, Matthew 5:16. As you lead by example, remember to teach along the way.  Our youth needs it, badly.

Finally, be the salt with every customer service encounter, whether you are behind the counter or in front of the counter, either side is a seasoning opportunity. You are the salt of the earth, Matthew 5:13a. Add flavor and be the preservative to stabilize the environment toward peace with a harmonious and gentle spirit. Speak softly, slowly, with a smile, and even say a prayer, make sure to unfold your arms, leave yourself open with a please and thank you. You may feel vulnerable, but that’s ok, God is your protector and His Spirit will guide into all truth. Watch; wait & pray and see how He blesses the situation.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the Holy Spirit guiding me in all truth. I am called to salt, light, and the beacon for this world. My transparency helps others see through me straight to you. Help me so that they will see pass my stuff to get to the goodness of me, which is you and only you. Help my presence change the atmosphere into a sweet encounter, let it start with my heart and mind then lead my actions toward grace. Help me to continue to serve You by serving others with gladness. This is my humble prayer, amen.

The journey flows…

4 thoughts on “Serving with Gladness

  1. Amen and thank you for your transparency. It is your genuine humility that speaks directly to my heart. Thanks for the reminder that our responses to others behavior is still a choice. May God continue to richly bless you and keep you for His glory.


  2. Thanks! That is my prayer, that I would sense every opportunity to be salt and light in the world. In everything I do, I will do it as I’m doing it unto God. So with you, I am serving with gladness.


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